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Ellen Higgins

Higgins Home Staging

Ellen Higgins is a Certified Canadian Staging Professional and we are glad to offer her expertise as part of our services. She excels at preparing homes for sale by making them the most attractive they can be to potential buyers. Home staging is much more than merely decorating or decluttering. The art of staging involves creating a space that reflects a lifestyle most people want to have. Ellen accomplishes this by either rearranging existing furniture to emphasize certain positive aspects of the home or adding her own collection of high-end products to increase the overall appeal. The impression a home gives is not merely based on the number of bedrooms it has or whether the basement is unfinished or other structural facts. Most buyers form an opinion of a home within the first 7-10 secounds of arriving and often this is based on the "aura" the home gives off. By manipulating the layout of a room, Ellen's work fosters a psychological edge over homes that are un-staged. People get a sense of arriving home perhaps without even realizing it - it just feels right.

Logistically speaking, we include Higgins Home Staging for our clients as part of our marketing services because it's worth it to us. Homes sell for more money and are on the market for less time compared to listings that are unstaged. At the end of the day though, the decision to take advantage of any staging recommendations rests with the home owner. We appreciate that a family is still living in the home while we work at selling it so staging is certainly not something we force. If there are recommendations that simply don't fit, we ensure you feel comfortable enough to say so. Ellen understands. She's a true professional and tremendous value added to our team. I encourage you to check out her website for more information or to see some before/after photos: www.higginshomestaging.ca